Portuguese note:
Leitores do livro, sabia por que não haverá atualização do livro para a nova edição clicando aqui.

My book was first released in December 2001 with challenge to be the first book in Brazil (written in Portuguese) about Cisco CCNA Certification. I knew that it was a risk to write about that, however the publisher invested on the idea and together we sold 1000 copies on the first month and achieved many ranks in some big bookstores in Brazil.

In May 2004 was released the 3rd Edition of this book, that cover the content of the CCNA Exam 640-801.



The links below show in Portuguese some newspaper articles, interviews and rank of this book.

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OPOVO Newspaper / Fortaleza / CE / Brazil
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Interview about the book (Portuguese)
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1st. position in the Week Top Ten (01/21/2002 - 01/27/2002)
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4th. position in the Week Top Five (January 2002)
Top 10 IN Award - The Recognizement to the Ten Best IT Professional in 2002 / Ceara-Fortaleza-Brazil
Third position in the cathegory: Best Professor